Picking a Cellphone Insurance Plan [The Complete Beginner’s Guide]

Picking a Cellphone Insurance Plan [The Complete Beginner’s Guide]
Investing in a high-end cellphone is not as easy as walking in the park. One has to struggle day and night to buy their dream iPhone. With the constant increases in cellphones’ costs, affording a fine set of a mobile phone is one sort of blessing. But the reality is
Picking a Cellphone Insurance Plan [The Complete Beginner’s Guide]

Investing in a high-end cellphone is not as easy as walking in the park. One has to struggle day and night to buy their dream iPhone. With the constant increases in cellphones’ costs, affording a fine set of a mobile phone is one sort of blessing. But the reality is most people do not understand. Picture this, buying a new cellphone with your hard-earned money, and the next moment it slips down from your hand? Does it sound pleasant? Of course not! To prevent your cellphone from getting spoiled in just a moment, purchase a suitable cellphone insurance plan. Wondering how? Basically, a cellphone insurance plan can be your savior in the worst scenarios. It can keep you safe from the risk of any unexpected cost that might come your way in case of any breakage or damage to your cellphone. The best part? With a cellphone insurance plan, no matter if you use your cellphone recklessly, you might not have to worry about any damage. Below, we have shared a detailed guide on how you can pick yourself the perfect cellphone insurance plan. 


Why should you pick a Cellphone insurance plan?

Before we start with the top device protection plan, we should analytically observe why having a perfect cellphone insurance plan can save you from drowning?

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There are several reasons why a cellphone insurance plan can be a mind-blowing approach towards keeping your phone secured. People who own premium grade phones such as iPhones are usually more possessive about their cellphones than people with regular mobiles. The fact is quite clear. iPhones are hard to be purchased.Therefore, many people associate buying an iPhone with “selling your kidney.” Cellphones have turned out to be quite vigorous these days. The only thing to be appreciated is the latest innovation of technology.

With heat resistant, water-proof, and breakage-free elements of a premium smartphone, people’s concern towards protecting their phones have lessened to a wider level. However, if you purchase a cellphone insurance plan, any theft or burglary act would be of no harm to you. With an insured phone, you will be compensated with the total amount by the insurance providers. Sounds appealing? Well, now that you know how significant it can be to get your cellphone insured by a good cellphone insurance plan. Let us get an overview of the Top Plans of Cellphone Insurance to pick from for your high-class mobile phone. 


Topmost Warranties and Cellphone insurance plans

1: AppleCare+ Insurance Plan

 As stated above, iPhones are quite expensive to buy. A regular iPhone would cost the buyer almost $800 or even more. Would you invest such a big amount in a commodity and do nothing for its security? If no, then you have a wrong approach that could result in severe inconvenience. To keep yourself protected from such issues, your first step should be to ask for a protection plan in the form of an insurance policy.

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With such a heavy amount, the good news is that Apple can offer you a company protection plan for your cellphone under the AppleCare+. AppleCare+ is considered the topmost insurance plan served to the customers by the cellphone providers. 

This plan is one of the best plans for your cellphone protection to pick from. AppleCare+ offers complete liability. From fast claim adjustments to fantastic customer service, this cellphone insurance plan leaves no choice for someone to miss out on it. 

As if it is not enough? An AppleCare+ plan would also cover the damages caused to the complete set of accessories presented with a cellphone. For instance, your earphones, chargers, air pods, and batteries would also be repaired if any damage is caused. 


2: Samsung Protection Plus and Moto Care Plan

According to a statistic, more than 40% of people own iPhones as their unvarying cellphone. These reports mention a huge population to be iPhone users. What about the rest of the 60% of people?

Some of these human beings are either Samsung users, while some are owning a regular smartphone by Vodafone or Motorola. Are you one of them? Well, then the Samsung Protection Plus Plan to keep your cellphone safe is the best possible option available to you. Offering complete services for two years of purchase, owning this cellphone insurance plan could greatly help all the Samsung users. The best part? This insurance plan does not cost much. All you have to pay is probably less than the actual price of an iPhone. Similarly, for Motorola users, Moto Care accidental protection plan and extended service plan for your cellphone protection is something you cannot miss. 


What is Carrier-Offered Plans?

Apart from the brand cellphone insurance plans, some private companies also offer device protection services under the name of carrier-offered plans. Some of the distinguishing companies such as T-Mobile and AT&T can offer you cellphone insurance plans that will cover the physical as well as technical damage caused to your cellphone. Surprisingly, these cellphone insurance plans, which are carrier-offered, would not cost you much. A typical plan by T-Mobile will cost you somewhere less than $10. Depending upon the condition of your device, your product damages will be catered to. Your aroused question must be this: What if I am not satisfied with these cellphone insurance plans?


Here Comes Third-Party Plans

 Third-party plans are basically the company’s cellphone insurance plans other than the standard insurance providers by the company or carrier-based plans. 

There is a vast majority of people who rely on third-party plans for their mobile phone’s safety. Geek Squad is a widely accepted insurance plan that will offer you fewer charges and debauched claim regulations. 


Which Cellphone insurance plan Should I Pick?

After observing all the brief details about the cellphone insurance plans typically offered, you must have some questions popping into your mind. To choose the best plan, you should briefly compare the prices, liability provided, and the insurance plan’s time limit. Stand tall and choose the best plan wisely. Good Luck!

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